€1 Per Minute Walk-in Sunbed Vouchers



€1 Per Minute Sunbed

We offer free gifts when you spend 30 minutes or more on our sunbeds

€100. 100 Minutes + Free €35 Teeth Whitening Kit

€30 – 4 free tanning shots carrot drinks worth €10, normally 2.5 each

€50 free €15 cream

€70 free €20 retail value €20 cream


  • With our sunbed walk-in option there is no need to pre-book a sunbed slot.
  • Our walk-in sunbed vouchers can also be used as gifts & presents for your loved ones.

A helpful note for our customers

For beginners/fair skin – We recommend you start of slow at around 5 mins for their first couple of sessions and then gradually increase your tanning sessions by 1-2 mins each session.

The key is to be consistent with tanning for beginners. Slow and steady builds up a strong base tan.


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